Next Planning for the Next Season workshop 26 March 2020

The last Planning for the Next Season workshop was on 17 February at the Bayswater Community Centre.

What did participants say they liked about the session?

“The best thing was the logical approach”

“The session was most informative on finding your way through the minefield of SO MANY difference services…”

“Session has been very informative¬†and I got some very useful tips on how to navigate the different services available to seniors in our local council”

“Learnt many acronyms and how they help as well as the importance of making wills. Learning from Melissa who explained things well, informative, clear to understand and approachable”

It was a wonderful session with so much great conversation amongst the group.

Looking forward to our next session!

26th March 2020

Technology for Ageing and Disability WA (TADWA)

371 Collier Rd Bassendean

(08) 9379 7400

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