New Year- New Season

Happy New Year!  I love the beginning of a new year- a whole new year of days to make a difference, learn and grow.  Here at Planning for the Next Season, we’re celebrating New Year by launching our Facilitators Guide.  Both the Facilitators Guide and the Participants Workbook are available individually or together as a pack.

Why did we write a Facilitator’s Guide?  We wrote the guide so that Planning for the Next Season workshops could be facilitated by all different kinds of people- not just Planning for the Next Season Advisors (although they’re tops!).

If you want to know more about Planning for the Next Season and how you can get your hands on the Facilitators Guide and Participants Workbook, drop me a line at

Whether you are thinking about starting the conversation with people close to you, or you are a provider who wants to run a workshop for people you support, we’re happy to work with you to work out the best option.

Watch this space in 2017 for more exciting news about what we are up to at Planning for the Next Season.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2017.