Workshop in action!

Nearly half way through 2016 and we’ve been busy at Planning for the Next Season.  In March, we held a workshop with a lovely group of people through Red Cross CRCC who really enjoyed talking and planning together.  Twenty-three people came together for the morning to share information, network with each other and listen to each other’s stories.

Participants said they liked:

  • knowing others are going through the same things and this helps as they work out how to plan for staying at home longer.
  • interaction with other carers
  • the whole concept
  • everyone able to contribute
  • helpful information
  • information booklet to take away
  • opportunity to ask questions

I was happy everyone enjoyed the time they spent together and that Planning for the Next Season was able to walk with them for a brief time on their journey!

Planning for the Next Season is a peer workshop which helps people plan for staying well at home now and into the future.  The workshop is based on a framework of eight signposts in a journey which helps us explore what we know, what we need to know more about and how to find it.  The power of Planning for the Next Season is in the interaction and shared wisdom of the people in the room.

Look for more workshops which will be scheduled soon.  If you would like to know more about Planning for the Next Season or wish to hold a workshop of your own, give us a ring.


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