Staying at home

A person’s home is their castle. Most people want to stay living in their home for as long as possible as they get older. This is called “ageing in place”. Most of us purchased our home for very particular reasons and it suits us! We might love our home because we like the neighbourhood, our kids grew up there, our grandkids love to visit, the shops or church is close by…..and so on. In order to age in place, we should take a look at our castle to make sure it will still serve us for many years to come.

There may be a time when the garden is too much for you to tackle on your own. What can you do?

You could hire a lawn mowing and/or gardening service, but, say you really love to be in the garden? You might like to put in some raised garden beds so you can continue to nurture your prized roses or tomatoes! We can help you find a service for your lawn and find someone to help build your raised garden beds with you. In this way, you can still stay active, doing things you love, in your home. Thinking creatively about how you will manage your house and continue to do the things you enjoy will help you in planning for the future.

There may be a time when you feel off balance or concerned about getting in and out of the shower. Thinking about where you might put a functional, but decorative rail to hold onto is a good first step. It’s good to make a note of where you could buy such a rail and who might install one.

There may be a time when you aren’t able to climb stairs as well as you used to. If your bedroom is on the second level of your house, this could be a problem. Thinking about how your house could be modified to suit your needs as they change is good planning for the future.

There may be a time when climbing in and out of the bathtub is more a chore than a pleasure. Instead of putting off a nice bath, you might want to consider alternatives.

At this time, you may not be concerned about any of these things, but good planning and information now can ensure you know who to talk to and what to do when you find it’s time.